There Is No More Water Or Rot When You Put THESE Things In The Flower Pot

- Mar 15, 2018 -

There Is No More Water Or Rot When You Put THESE Things In the Flower Pot

   People who like plant house plant has some troubles that the soil becomes cacking after one or two years  which is difficult for flowers to grow.

1. Cinder


      Cinder is permeable to air and water. Using cinder in the bottom of the pot is easy to solve the problem that the accumulation of the water. And cinder is all good source of lots of microelements which is good for plants, especially for succulents. 

     Cover the cinder with water, and expose it under the sun. Smash the cinder evenly to pieces after half-drying  in sunshine. Then leaving it in the bottom.


Just as the cinder, charcoal with microelements is also permeable to air and water. Further more, the charcoal can improve the healing speed of the plants' roots.

3. Tile


5.Bits of the wood

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