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Thanksgiving Teacher's Day
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Thanksgiving Teacher's Day

In the season of feelings, the wind blew through the eyes, the rain fell on the heart, and the curtains began to fall. When the Teacher's Day came, I couldn't help but remember the childhood. Do you still remember the spring 蝉 to the dead silk, the wax torch into the gray tears to start?

Do you still remember that there are a group of people who go out early and late every day, and continue to prepare lessons for the students' academic expenses. In addition to the normal corrections, they also care about the students' physical and mental health.

Thanksgiving Teacher's Day | Wine gift to the teacher, gold seed and gift

It is such a group of people, they have a resounding name "teacher", the teacher is the engineer of the human soul, the most brilliant career under the sun.

Sincerely, the teacher said, you have worked hard!

The origin of Teacher's Day

Thanksgiving Teacher's Day | Wine gift to the teacher, gold seed and gift

Regarding the origin of Teacher's Day, the earliest Teacher's Day in Chinese history was 1931. At that time, educators Qi Shuangqiu and Cheng Qibao attended the Nanjing Central University Assembly and issued a declaration calling for “improving the treatment of teachers, ensuring teachers' work and enhancing teacher cultivation”, and agreed on June 6th as Teacher's Day, also known as Double Six. Soon, the Kuomintang government first agreed to June 6 as Teacher's Day, and later changed the Teacher's Day to August 27 (Confucius' birthday).

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Central People's Government resumed June 6th as Teacher's Day. The Ministry of Education informed all local educators that they can organize their own celebrations according to actual conditions. On January 21, 1985, the Ninth Session of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress made a resolution, and the September 10th of each year was designated as the Teacher's Day of China. So our current September 10th is Teacher's Day.

Golden seed with wine thank you

Thanksgiving Teacher's Day | Wine gift to the teacher, gold seed and gift

On the occasion of the 34th Teacher's Day, the Golden Seed Wine Industry once again held a “teacher's gift” event.

From September 15th to September 16th, teachers in Chizhou City can receive a free holiday gift package (including gift vouchers) during the event by ID card and teacher qualification certificate (the two certificates have the same name and the locality of the household registration is local). One, one lottery voucher and one voucher of 120 yuan), with a gift voucher, you can receive a gift voucher in the gift redemption area (eight years of gold seed bottle).