Classic Round Simple Planter, BK-7008

Specifaction of Classic Round Simple Planter, BK-7008:

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Specifaction of Classic Round Simple Planter, BK-7008:

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Brand: BAIKE


  1. Our pots are produced by natural materials which can provide planters a good environment to grow. 

  2. The pot can biodegrable after composting, and it will not effect the earth.

  3. It can resit high temperature,acid and alkali.


  1. Flow Mark: During the moulding, there might be few flow mark for the nonuniform material. Our material is natural agriculture wastes, so the distribution is hard to handle. 

  2. Parti-colour: When it is pressing, other toner may effect it.



It is suitable for China Rose,Breviradiatum, Parlor Palm and other medium size planters. It makes the space simple but great.


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