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Baike Biological tech. co., ltd. specializes in the researching and manufacturing of earth-friendly indoor/outdoor plant pots with beautiful appearance, our plant pot is made from Biodegradable Agricultural and Forestry Residues Compounds


Products Categories
  • Large Indoor Round Orchid Planter BK-7034
  • Large Classic Round Simple Planter, BK-7009
  • Classic Round Simple Planter, BK-7008
  • Biodegrable Fashionable Shaped Planter Pot BK-20486
  • Round Functional Planter Pot With Handle BK-20723
  • Special Bridge Shaped Planter BK-50018
  • Small Shallow Round Succulent Planter BK-21717
  • Middle Shallow Round Succulent Planter BK-21716
  • Large Shallow Round Succulent Planter BK-21715
  • Round Wave Shaped Planter BK-50279
  • Rectangular Small Garden Tool Tray BK-7003
  • Large Round Garden Tool Tray BK-7002
  • BK-9001 Beautiful Petal-shaped Hanging Planter, 293*150mm
  • BK-20531 Indoor Roman-shaped Vase With Straight Lines
  • BK-20448 Decorative Indoor Flower Vase With Straight Grains
  • BK-7017 Straw Flower-shaped Pots In Small Size
  • BK-7014 Outdoor Straw Square Planters, 231.7*231.7*250
  • BK-7013 Outdoor Rice Hush Square Planters In Middle Size
  • Eco-friendly Outdoor Ball-shaped Bamboo Flowerpot
  • BK-7031 Self-watering Large Round Planter With Straight Line